​Welcome to my Yoga page !

My name is James and I practice and teach Vinyasa Yoga in and around the Bristol and Bath area. What is Vinyasa Yoga? Vinyasa can be translated from Sanskrit as “special placement” It refers to Yoga that has a strong focus on breath and body unity. The word 'Yoga' is also derived from the Sanskrit root 'Yuj', meaning to unite.

Why Practise Yoga ?


Increase Flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious reasons why people choose to practise yoga. As you practice your body will start to loosen and gain a greater range of movement You may notice aches and pains will start to disappear.


Reduce Stress

Yoga along with slow and steady breathing quiets the mind, moving your body it slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress. 


Strength & Stamina

Muscles do more than look good. They also protect us from conditions like arthritis and aches and pains. Yoga is the perfect way to build strength and flexibility without heavy impact on the joints and body. Practise at your own pace and you will see the results over time.  

Yoga is accessible to anyone. My classes are warm, friendly and relaxed, classes are run in the locations listed below. Due to limited numbers booking is essential. This can be done via the button or simply drop me a text.​

Please arrive 10 mins before the start of the class. Wear loose comfortable clothing. 

The price for a class is £8.00​

Payment can be make in cash of the day or via this website, just follow the Book now link ;-)​

1-2-1 Yoga Sessions are available if...

You are new to yoga and don't feel ready to step into a group class.

Looking for more/specific modifications.

Recovering from an injury or medical procedure and wishing to adjust your practice.

Sessions can be tailored to your needs and in a venue of your choice. Please feel free to contact if you have any questions and wish to discuss.